Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

Eco-friendly remodeling is a great way to start going green; your home is where water consumption and energy usage combine to make toast of your utilities budget. Picking options that reduce resource consumption will dramatically lessen the impact on both the environment and your monthly bills. Updating your home is always a good time to make … Continued

The Art Of Giving Real Estate Referrals

Have you mastered the art of giving real estate referrals? No matter what your role is, there is a constant need to give referrals in the real estate industry. There are also many benefits, if it is done well. Executed on poorly, referrals can be counterproductive. There are endless referral needs and opportunities in the … Continued

Drowning in Debt: Get Fast Cash for Your Dallas Property

This is the year when the US sees real recovery from the effects of the great recession. But, not everyone is experiencing an upswing in their personal circumstances. Many still struggle with lingering and even growing debt from a host of possible causes. Joblessness, ill health and unforeseen situations mean plenty of folks out there … Continued

Minimalist Tricks to Sell Your Home Quickly

It’s no secret that selling your home and moving represents a major stress event in anyone’s life. But for people embracing minimalist concepts, the steps are clear. Get your “old” home ready to sell. Find a “new” home. Sell “old” home. Move self and family to “new” home. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Now I’m … Continued

Solutions When You Need to Sell a Problem Property in Dallas

Owning property is a substantial milestone for many; a marker of success. But “Life Happens” and there are times when that brilliant asset can become a millstone. That’s when the Dallas homeowner needs a trusted partner as a guide through all the possibilities until the best solution is found. What Makes Property a Problem? There … Continued