Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

Eco-friendly remodeling is a great way to start going green; your home is where water consumption and energy usage combine to make toast of your utilities budget. Picking options that reduce resource consumption will dramatically lessen the impact on both the environment and your monthly bills. Updating your home is always a good time to make … Continued

Real Estate Investment: Evaluating Neighborhoods

Before buying a home or investing in real estate, it pays to research the neighborhood in question. Having said that, the success of your next real estate investment will likely be determined by the neighborhood you intend to buy in. It impacts how much you’ll enjoy living there, and how well the investment will pay … Continued

The Real Estate Industry And Millennial Buyers

Millennials can be surprisingly traditional as revealed by a recent survey. Todays would-be homeowners, the millennial buyers, are mostly renting but over half plan to buy within the next two years. A large percentage of the millennial generation believes that owning a home is essential for achieving their version of the American dream. Millennials make … Continued

12 Trends for 2015 Favor the First-Time Home Buyer

Will 2015 be the year that the housing market sees first-time home buyers resurfacing since the housing crisis began? Across the board, analysts are predicting that 2015 will be the year many first-time home buyers will dip their toes in the property market. As the housing market continues to calm and the volatile prices of … Continued