Rental Property Investment: 6 Ways to Enjoy the Process

Are you thinking about a rental property investment? Owning rental properties can be the gateway to an income and financial freedom if you do things right from the beginning. Sure, you’ll make mistakes at first but you’ll learn from your mistakes along the way. Use these 7 tips to avoid some common problems. Expect your … Continued

7 Steps To Keep Your Rental Property Occupied

It takes great management to run a successful rental property. One of the most important aspects of rental property management is avoiding vacancies.  Every month that rental income is not coming in directly costs you money.  In most cases these vacancies can be avoided with proper marketing.  There are several little things that you can … Continued

Real Estate Investing: Section 8 Tenants

If the question is, “How do I improve occupancy rates?” the answer could lie in opening your property to section 8 tenants. Sooner or later, most residential real estate investors will look at the possibility of renting their units to section 8 tenants, particularly in the larger metro areas. Leasing to section 8 tenants is … Continued

Is Summertime The Best Time To Buy A Home?

It’s the season when neighborhoods across America bloom with a fresh crop of “For Sale” signs. Summer has traditionally been the best time to buy a home and therefore the accepted time to put your house on the market. Only then can you be assured of an influx of eager buyers. Trends from 2014 show … Continued

Long-Distance Property Investing: Good Idea or Bad Plan?

You live in a great part of the country. The weather’s fine, the amenities are good and you’re hoping to invest in a single-unit property. Only problem is the property market is hot and like many areas in the country, there’s a genuine shortage of real estate stock. Finding a good deal is getting harder, … Continued