Preparing Your House For Winter

Preparing your house for winter in North Texas might be easily overlooked with our generally mild weather plus all the holidays and visiting family.  However, you should make preparing your house for the possible ice storms and freezing temperatures a priority so you can minimize the unexpected surprises they might bring. Many residents consider the fall … Continued


Becoming A New Homeowner: Closing Day Process.

After months of viewings, weeks of negotiation and endless waiting, that momentous day of becoming a new homeowner has arrived – the day your dream home becomes your very own. Today’s the day you’ll leave renting behind and join that special breed known as “homeowners”. But before you can start the really hard work – … Continued

Prepare Your Property for Spring Storms

The DFW Metroplex boasts hot summers and mild winters. But it’s in spring, when cool fronts from Canada collide with warm, humid air from the Gulf Coast that spring storms can bring pelting rain, hail, thunderstorms with remarkable lightning, and sometimes, tornadoes. Don’t be the property owner who ends up with a tree in the … Continued