4 Natural Crime Prevention Methods

Take control of your home turf using natural crime prevention methods. Capable homeowners can even do it themselves by using the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design). If you talked to a home robbery, ring leader, you’d find out a lot about what make them tick. For example, what they don’t like when … Continued

8 Ways to Prep Your Home for Autumn and Winter in Dallas

Just because summer got off to a slow start this year is no excuse to neglect fall home maintenance. Sure, lazing by the pool, soaking up the last rays of summer sun is important but take a couple of days to prep your home now and you can relax knowing you’re ready for anything autumn … Continued

4 Unseen Costs of Homeownership

Today, with more people choosing to rent indefinitely, homeownership is being delayed longer than ever before. Nevertheless, buying a home is an American rite of passage and most households will eventually own their own dwellings. If you are considering the move from tenant to homeowner, be aware of some of the unseen costs of homeownership. … Continued

8 Simple Fixes To Cool Your Home This Summer

Looking forward to summer? Me too! But the heat…well, not so much. Here are some simple fixes to cool your home without breaking the budget; some good ways to optimize your resources and give you a lot of bang for your buck. 1. The first and possibly the easiest tip to cool your home, is … Continued