5 Factors Affecting Autumn Home Sales

Traditionally, prime time for property sales has always begun in spring and lasted through summer. Although, listing your home in fall may suit your circumstances, you must take into account the factors impacting on autumn home sales. There are many motives why spring signals the start of the busy season for home-selling and home-buying. One … Continued

New Home Builders Weigh-in on Styles in DFW

We’ve talked about countrywide home styles before, but just what do Texas new home builders see as emerging trends, heading into summer 2016. In the Dallas-Fort Worth property market, 2015 showed the best performance in thirty years. When the end of the year rolled around, Dallas was one of the country’s top construction markets according … Continued

How Much Should Homebuyers Stretch To Buy A Home?

How far should homebuyers be stretching themselves to get into a property? While national statistics paint a picture of robust but sustainable growth, many local real estate markets are speeding out of the reach of many homebuyers and renters. In some areas like southwest Florida, many renters face a leap of over $500 dollars a … Continued


Becoming A New Homeowner: Closing Day Process.

After months of viewings, weeks of negotiation and endless waiting, that momentous day of becoming a new homeowner has arrived – the day your dream home becomes your very own. Today’s the day you’ll leave renting behind and join that special breed known as “homeowners”. But before you can start the really hard work – … Continued

The Art Of Giving Real Estate Referrals

Have you mastered the art of giving real estate referrals? No matter what your role is, there is a constant need to give referrals in the real estate industry. There are also many benefits, if it is done well. Executed on poorly, referrals can be counterproductive. There are endless referral needs and opportunities in the … Continued

Buying a House: 8 Strategies for Non-Millionaires

Many people have the erroneous impression that buying a house is just something you do – like buying shoes. Few of us realize that to buy a house you need to develop skills you may not yet possess. For many folks – your average non-millionaires – buying a house represents the single biggest purchase they … Continued

Dodge these 8 biggest home-buyer turnoffs

Home buyers nowadays are a lot more discerning than before the housing crisis and they make decisions quickly. Buying the best house for the best money is utmost in a serious buyers’ mind. As a seller, you’ll want to get inside a buyer’s head and give them what they’re looking for. Selling a dream used … Continued

Buying a Home? 7 Things That Irritate Sellers

Real estate professionals report that buyers are constantly infuriating sellers and putting transactions at risk. Soon-to-be home buyers should try to remember that annoying the seller is no way to approach their target of home ownership. Try to view the whole process from the seller’s point of view and recall that old adage, “You catch … Continued