7 Essential Moves To Retain Your Real Estate Credibility

It’s hard to earn a good reputation, yet so easy to lose it. So how can you maintain your credibility in the real estate industry? As the real estate market keeps improving, it is getting more crowded. As the crowd grows, so to does the number of scammers, and those that do a poor job … Continued

Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

Eco-friendly remodeling is a great way to start going green; your home is where water consumption and energy usage combine to make toast of your utilities budget. Picking options that reduce resource consumption will dramatically lessen the impact on both the environment and your monthly bills. Updating your home is always a good time to make … Continued

Rehabbing Houses: In Defense of the Gut Rehab

Rehabbing houses is the life blood of many real estate investors but the word “rehab”, the concept and even the definition has more meanings than a big ole Texas onion has layers. And rehabbers themselves come in almost as many varieties. From the newbie investor, just getting their feet wet with “a shave and haircut” … Continued