Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

Eco-friendly remodeling is a great way to start going green; your home is where water consumption and energy usage combine to make toast of your utilities budget. Picking options that reduce resource consumption will dramatically lessen the impact on both the environment and your monthly bills. Updating your home is always a good time to make … Continued

The Art Of Giving Real Estate Referrals

Have you mastered the art of giving real estate referrals? No matter what your role is, there is a constant need to give referrals in the real estate industry. There are also many benefits, if it is done well. Executed on poorly, referrals can be counterproductive. There are endless referral needs and opportunities in the … Continued

Apartment Trends: What Renters Want

With residential rentals representing some of today’s best property investments, savvy developers are adopting a host of relevant features for a new breed of tenants, dictating today’s apartment trends. Some of the newest apartment trends, identified by real estate professionals, are already in the spotlight. “Micro units,” efficiently designed units with a smaller footprint are … Continued