Buying Less House Can Be a Good Financial Move

Buying less house is a radically different idea in this age of “bigger is better.” Although the Mac-Mansion hasn’t lost its appeal, there’s a lot to be said for going a little smaller or a little cheaper than you have to. For starters, the reality is the more money you spend on your property, the … Continued

Buying and Selling in a Sellers’ Market

We’re hearing the term “sellers’ market” a lot these days. Certainly the DFW property market is “hot” with no signs of it cooling anytime soon. As long as there are more willing and able buyers than houses to buy – also known as inventory – a buyer is going to have to work harder to … Continued

5 Things Needed Before Homeownership

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate; get ready for the roller coaster ride that’s the path to homeownership. But before you leap, think of all the pitfalls. By being sure you have every bit of necessary information, you can approach this mile-stone with confidence. Real estate is a big step for any buyer … Continued

How Much Should Homebuyers Stretch To Buy A Home?

How far should homebuyers be stretching themselves to get into a property? While national statistics paint a picture of robust but sustainable growth, many local real estate markets are speeding out of the reach of many homebuyers and renters. In some areas like southwest Florida, many renters face a leap of over $500 dollars a … Continued


Becoming A New Homeowner: Closing Day Process.

After months of viewings, weeks of negotiation and endless waiting, that momentous day of becoming a new homeowner has arrived – the day your dream home becomes your very own. Today’s the day you’ll leave renting behind and join that special breed known as “homeowners”. But before you can start the really hard work – … Continued

The Art Of Giving Real Estate Referrals

Have you mastered the art of giving real estate referrals? No matter what your role is, there is a constant need to give referrals in the real estate industry. There are also many benefits, if it is done well. Executed on poorly, referrals can be counterproductive. There are endless referral needs and opportunities in the … Continued

Real Estate Trends: The Changing Property Market

It’s become apparent – as America recovers from the Great Recession – the game plan has changed. Real estate trends in 2015 indicate these shifts as buyers, sellers and lenders adjust to a new “normal.” The immediate effects of the recession were obvious. With government seeking to tighten up the industry, banks and lenders demanded … Continued

Buying Versus Renting: Which is Cheaper?

Is it more cost-effective to buy a home or better to rent? The buying versus renting debate has recently come under the spotlight once again. Every few years, the discussion resumes but the answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think. A report on earlier this year, stated that “Nationally, buying is 38% cheaper … Continued

Buyers Strategy: 4 Ways to Get an Edge

The economic recovery continues aided by a robust property market, low interest rates and low down payments. For many Americans, 2015 is the first year since the great recession that buying property could become a reality. If this is you, reflect on a new buyer’s strategy (or four) that you may not have considered before. … Continued