Some Places Your Down Payment Could Be Hiding

Like many people who start out as renters, you may have decided that it’s high time you take the homeownership plunge yourself. But there’s a huge hurdle – that little problem of the down payment money! Just be glad you’re in Texas – not Australia – you might have had to give up your avocado-toast … Continued

Common Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Most of us would agree that when we buy our own home, we are making a major investment. But even with the significance of this venture, some of the common mistakes first time home buyers make can be mind boggling. Residential real estate is no less an investment than stocks and shares but you wouldn’t … Continued

Real Estate Trends: The Changing Property Market

It’s become apparent – as America recovers from the Great Recession – the game plan has changed. Real estate trends in 2015 indicate these shifts as buyers, sellers and lenders adjust to a new “normal.” The immediate effects of the recession were obvious. With government seeking to tighten up the industry, banks and lenders demanded … Continued