Stage Your Home like a Professional: The Essentials

Staging your home is intended to highlight the best assets, impress buyers and generate massive interest leading to a quick and lucrative sale. The whole concept of staging homes became popular with the market downturn because owners were looking for an edge. Home staging is important to sales success and continues to be a popular tactic.

Staging your home just could be one of the most profitable tasks you ever tackle. Potential buyers aren’t only buying a house; there are dreams and emotions at play here as well. Make it easy for viewers to picture themselves living in the home. Home staging done properly minimizes problems and maximizes attributes.

If your budget is tight, go for the areas that make the biggest difference in your home’s selling price. In this scenario, first impressions have a major impact on buyers. An inviting exterior and a welcoming entryway make them eager to see what the interior holds. Follow this up with an interior that emphasizes the home’s best features.

Clean – The Single Most Important Factor

The whole house should gleam but the kitchen and bathrooms should be pristine. If your budget doesn’t run to new appliances, make the ones you have spotless. No one likes food spatters or layers of grease and nobody wants to pay for them. The bathrooms should sparkle, bleach that dingy grout and polish the shower; everything should look new.

Broken light fixtures can be easily replaced but if the current fixtures are okay dust them, empty out dead bugs and clean them well.

Declutter – The Next Essential Step

Clutter is distracting and gives the impression that there isn’t enough storage space. Your home’s good features won’t stand out. It’s a good idea to declutter your closets too; buyers may want to see inside. If there’s too much stuff, consider hiring a storage facility temporarily.

Furniture can be as much of a clutter problem as ornaments and nick-knacks. Furniture should be the right size and not too much so that it overpowers a room. If a piece is too big, the room will look small and if too small, the space can feel cold.

Depersonalize – Let Potential Buyers Visualize Their Life in Your Home

You are creating a blank canvas so that buyers can envision themselves in your home. Remove all the family photos, awards, certificates and other personal family memorabilia.

Define Rooms

Each room should have a single, defined purpose. Turn that finished attic into another bedroom, the finished basement into a playroom. The important idea here is to show that every inch of the home is usable space. With rooms like the dining room, show its conventional use.

Calm, Neutral Spaces

Taste in paint colors is very specific and highly personal. Having said that, white walls tend to be too stark, better to paint with warm, neutral colors that have broader appeal. Wallpaper is generally too personal – remove it and paint the walls as above.

Artwork should appeal to the masses, tasteful but not too unique or quirky. The idea is to create a universally appealing and pleasing Pottery Barn-like appearance.

If your furniture looks cheap or shabby consider replacing it. Your furniture should look nice, luxurious and inviting. Arrange it in a way people can see themselves enjoying family and friends in the space.

Emphasize your home’s natural light by opening curtains and blinds and turn on additional lamps when showing.

Pets, kids and cooking smells can all make your home seem less than fresh. Inexpensive tactics like boiling spices on the stove, burning vanilla-scented candles, or brewing some fresh coffee can add great aromas. Grinding half a lemon in the garbage disposal removes sink smell.

Staging is actually a simple concept and one many sellers have implemented themselves. In this market not everyone can afford the luxury of hiring a home stager. In a nutshell, staging is the process of making your home look its very best, while appealing to as broad a range of buyers possible.

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