Should You Be Screening Tenants

If you’re landlord or investor in rental property, then maybe you’ve been trying to figure out an effective means of screening tenants. One of the biggest headaches landlords face is finding out if a potential tenant would be a good fit for their rental.

Like most landlords, you want to know if the renter is a responsible person. Will your property be in good hands or will you have to rebuild when the tenant leaves? Do they have a steady job, have they ever been evicted?

Because the eviction process is tedious and bad for the bottom line, every landlord should do a basic screening and background check on a would-be renter. Although it can seem like a lot of trouble, screening tenants before signing a lease can save you money and problems, on down the road.

Screening benefits tenants

If you have more than one unit, screening tenants reduces the danger of leasing to high-risk renters; non-payers, unreliable, who will have a negative impact on lifestyle in your rental units. These risk factors can affect everybody and it is a landlord’s responsibility to not put the rental community at risk.

Can I do it myself?

All the necessary data can be accessed by tracking down the most up-to-date records, directly from the sources. Start with community, state and county resources, although that won’t present you countrywide data. If the person you are researching has continually resided in the same location, a community background check within the state and county may be enough.

All this takes is a bit of homework – and time – as you are going direct to public resources. If you need to access nationwide information, you will have to contact the applicable federal government bureaus. This isn’t all for free, although much of it will be and any charges should be negligible.

How a screening service works

Most internet based background check providers operate by getting the public records from the various states, counties and the federal government bureaus. The difference is some organizations upgrade all their reports more frequently and use a lot more public resources to gather their information.

There are many tenant screening businesses and background check services out there. Most work by buying records from public databases. In theory, they can be accessed by anyone but it’s hard to do that on a national level. If you have the time and resources, you can go the DIY route. If not, that’s when background check and tenant screening places came in handy.

The benefits are pretty much endless. Overall, it prevents you from getting tenants that are known for being late on payments, and it can also give you peace of mind when you finally sign the lease papers.

In conclusion

This is where these companies can be useful and exactly why they are generally successful. They save busy property owners time, plus make the process effortless to research.

If you’re you looking for an affordable, easy solution to make sure you get all the information you need about prospective tenants, while at the same time ensuring you don’t miss anything important, just Google “tenant screening services.”

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