Setting Up a Real Estate Office for Professionals

Will you be setting up a new real estate office in the near future? There are specific parameters that every business needs; what are you looking for in your next office setup?

Every company is in a unique position and real estate professionals and CEOs have a more wide-ranging selection of office solutions than ever before. With all the options available, how do you determine the right solution for you as an independent professional?

Where will your business be located?

As a real estate professional, your address is very important and having a prestigious and reputable address can go a long way to add cachet to your business.

Many professionals today are choosing to work from home and while working at home is perfectly acceptable, never, ever, use your personal address for business. It’s just too risky, and it may not be permitted for some business and licensing purposes.

The alternatives if you’re working from home could be a mailing place that offers a physical address for receiving mail or it could be a co-working space.

The important point here is does your address match your brand and other contact information. Would you be comfortable if someone just decides to stop by your office because they happen to be in town?

Show your eco-credibility

Maybe you’re not particularly interested in going green but it’s no secret, the world is becoming more eco conscious. For many of your clients, being eco-friendly is more important and a matter of social concern. Showing your green credibility in your design, building materials, energy usage or other resource consumption is just plain, good business.

Keep your office healthy

Having a real estate office that’s a healthy environment is sound common sense. An environment that encourages productivity helps keep everyone motivated and performing at their peak.

Air quality can be improved by adding ventilation and green plants. Water quality will be assured with a fresh water dispenser. Consider a standing desk, if you are concerned with spending too much time sitting as you work.

No employees? Your health will benefit first and as your business grows, new staff will appreciate an environment that lets them get the job done. A healthy real estate office is a sound investment. You are your business and if you wind up out of action, with substantial medical bills, it’s a concurrent loss of income and an increase in expenses.

Utilize technology to boost productivity

When this real estate office is open for business, what will it do for your productivity? Factors that influence productivity in the workplace are:

  • Healthy working environment
  • Recreational area
  • Good lighting
  • Internet connectivity
  • Lack of noise pollution

Will this office setup boost or decrease your productivity? All of the factors above can impact productivity.

The responsible commute

Your commute and its impact on your workday experience shouldn’t be underestimated.

If travel costs are an issue, how close will your new real estate office be to your home? If you’ll be riding a bike, the problems of parking, access and storage are eliminated.

If you drive to work, your car will need secure parking while there. Consider also that cars use gas and need maintenance; costs that you’ll have to factor into your commute.

What about travel time? Would it be time efficient to move closer to your office, or move your office closer to home?

Is this a workable solution?

The most beautiful real estate office out there won’t work if it’s unsustainable. A more modest solution may suit the stage of development your business is in better. If the new real estate office costs way more than you, as a real estate professional should be paying, you’ll be carrying dead weight.

Go with what is sustainable with your current finances. Saved rent can be invested in more properties and more real estate marketing. Use those profits to buy your own office building. Problems solved!

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