Your New Home: 12 Simple Money Saving Tips

Have you just moved into your new home? Congratulations! Now, how about saving some money with these 12 simple money saving tips:

  1. Save money with your hot water heater

Your hot water heater is probably set too high! The Average hot water temperature is 140 degrees; lower the temperature down to 120 degrees – it’s a safer setting as water 120 degrees can’t cause scalding and you’ll save money on your energy bill,

  1. Ceiling fans can keep you cooler

Ceiling fans are the low-energy way to keep air moving in your home. As the air circulates you can keep the thermostat a little higher in summer and a little lower in winter. Ceiling fans are another saving on your utilities.

  1. Change those old air filters.

Replacing the air handling filter on the air conditioning unit or furnace is another simple money saving tip. On your air handling unit, locate the filter – usually a large rectangle. Jot down the measurements you’ll find printed around the edges. Your local hardware store will have replacements. Not only will you save on those energy bills, the air quality in your home will be improved.

  1. Check your attic insulation

If your attic is unfished, you’ll be able to see the insulation between the beams. You should be able to see at least six inches of it everywhere. If there’s not enough – or if it’s damaged – install some new insulation. Again, this simple money saving tip lowers energy bills by making your home more energy efficient.

  1. Cover exposed water pipes with insulation

Hot water pipes that are open to the air lose heat as they move water from the heater to the faucet. If your pipes are in a cold basements or garage, wrapping them in pipe insulation can make a two- to four-degree difference in the temperature of the water.

  1. Clear all vents of dust and obstructions

Here’s a completely free simple money saving tip! Don’t make your heating and cooling work overtime by having the vents in your home covered or blocked by anything. Also inspect the vents and make sure they’re not growing any dust bunnies.

  1. Install an outdoor clothesline or a clothes rack in the laundry room

The most efficient clothes dryer can really eat energy! For most of us it’s a convenience. Save some money – and go greener – by hanging a clothes rack on the wall in the laundry room. Use it for, towels, t-shirts, underwear and pillow cases. dry great on clothes racks. Running the dryer less saves cash. A clothesline is the ultimate green solution. Even if you only use it for some of your clothes, you’ll save plenty of money over time.

  1. Go on a leak hunt.

Inspect every toilet, all the faucets and any under-sink plumbing for leaks or continuous running. Constantly running toilets are a drain on your money and should be fixed. Also, have a look under the basin of your sinks, to make sure there aren’t any leaks. A leaky faucet must be repaired or replaced – dripping water can cause problems like mold!

  1. Install energy efficient light bulbs.

Save a lot of money on energy use over the long haul by installing LED and CFL bulbs. These bulbs also have much longer lives than ordinary incandescent bulbs. They are well worth the investment.

  1. Avoid burglary with new keys (and locks) to your home.

As a new homeowner you may want to change the locks on your new-to-you home. DIY to install new door hardware isn’t difficult, and new locks for your front and back door will give you peace of mind. There’s no way to know if there are copies of your old key around somewhere, and who might have it. This bit of time and money can prevent a burglary down the road.

Our simple money saving tips are small, easy fixes that when done together will save a lot of money and keep your new home in great condition.

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