How Important is That Home Inspection

In a perfect world, the home of your dreams will be ready and waiting as the moving truck rolls up and unloads your life smoothly into place. Everything will fit, everything will work and after a couple of hours of unpacking items into cupboards, you and your family will sit down to the pre-prepared casserole warming in the oven and congratulate each other on a job well done…
Umm… not always.
Why A Home Inspection
If you’re a new Dallas property owner, the Seller’s Disclosure should have highlighted any problems. “Should have” but as we all know, that doesn’t mean it did; remember, not all property inspectors are created equal. Yet another issue is how much time has elapsed between the seller’s inspection and the sale? Problems can crop up when a house stands vacant for too long.
Having a home inspection is a crucial step when buying a property. Your home represents a big investment and there are many possible hazards that could slip by unseen. The option period is the best time to have an inspection done; that way you’ll be able to negotiate anything problematic it may reveal.
High Risks
As the buyer, it is up to you to protect your interests. The home inspection is your first line of defense against hidden problems. If structural or foundational issues are picked up, specialists, such as a structural engineer, may have to be called in. The inspector is on your team and looking out for you. As the buyer, you’ll be picking him and paying for him and the home inspection report belongs to you.
Try to be there when your inspector is going through the property and take note of problems he picks up. Some internet research will help you establish what the problem means in dollars – many sellers and buyers misjudge the costs of repair and renovations.
Getting Best Value
Older houses, say between 15 to 30 years old, often need costly repairs. A house that has been vacant for a long time will also lack necessary maintenance of the roof, air conditioner, hot water heater and furnace. The expensive problems such as termites, mold and structural damage can quietly take over any building not properly maintained.
A home inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation. The inspector will go through the entire house looking for damage, necessary repairs, or maintenance problems and put these in his completed report. A home inspector can’t find defects in areas without access.
In a Texas property inspection, code related issues may be noted, but not compliance to building codes. The home inspection offers no guarantee that appliances have been properly installed or warrant that the property is insurable. A home inspection is not a safety inspection and doesn’t note every potential hazard.
What You’ll Get
But an inspector will be looking at maintenance issues like debris on the roof, dirt and leaves in gutters, downspouts and drains and general good repair. Cracks around the foundation, sloping paving, walkways, the driveway and all patios will all come under scrutiny.
The home inspection will check all slab surfaces, attics and crawl spaces, foundation framing components and subfloors. The examination will also cover the property’s drainage and analyse possible signs of water pooling near the structure.
One very satisfied would-be buyer gave this account of his experience. He had a contract on a house and everything seemed absolutely fine. The Seller’s Disclosure had showed no problems. At his agent’s recommendation, he hired a highly rated home inspection company from the local area.
The inspector found problems with everything, the foundation, wiring, plumbing, roof, leaks, dead rodents, everything. Needless to say, our would-be-buyer extricated himself from the deal and says it was well worth the money to avoid the disastrous outlays that would have been necessary.

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