Is Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter?

August and September are often some of the hottest months in North Central Texas but you mustn’t get complacent. School is back in session, the start of fall, rapidly followed by another Texas winter.

Getting ready for winter weather can be part of the back to school season, a time for new beginnings. There’s more to fall than switching out your summer wardrobe for coats and sweaters. Taking the time to clean and organize your home will pay big dividends when stormy weather has you cooped up for days on end.

By starting the process with a good deep cleaning, you also set the stage for welcoming the holidays.

Clothing is usually the first thing we tackle when preparing for winter so change out the summer clothes for fall and winter gear. And before storing the summer stuff, go through it and only keep the items that were used and loved. This is the opportunity to donate anything that doesn’t work for you and your family.

It’s also the time to pack away summer curtains and lightweight bedding and cozy up your décor for winter. Before you pack away the seasonal items wash everything; dirty fabrics attract insects.

Bathrooms, with their tendency to attract mold and mildew, should come in for some special attention. Get rid of the soap and scum build-up in showers and tubs, clean tiles, toilets and basins and don’t forget the cupboards and that medicine chest. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of any old medicines and toiletries. Open the windows wide while you’re hard at work and give the room a good airing too.

The family room is sure to get plenty of use over winter; deep clean it now while you can. Get behind the furniture and vacuum thoroughly. Wash the base boards, vacuum curtains and cushions and clean the carpets. Clear out any clutter, those old game consoles no one looks at anymore, the jigsaw puzzles with the missing pieces; all the stuff that no one uses.

Kitchens tend to take the brunt of winter activity with cooking and entertaining. Now’s the time to clean out the fridge and pantry and deep clean the oven and while you’re at it, get rid of old foodstuffs and spices past their use-by date.

Last but not least, tackle the cabinets. Pack the contents out and wipe down inside and out, paying particular attention to the pulls or knobs. Check for breakages and throw away cracked or broken items before packing the clean contents back.

Summer has probably brought a host of new residents into your life. You might not even realize it but chances are there are hosts of creepy crawlies hiding around your home. Check your light fixtures and ceiling fans for spiders and bugs – look for the tell-tale webs. Wash or wipe down your fixtures and debug behind window screens.

This winter, be ready to face friends and family with a clean and welcoming home: One less thing to clutter up your holiday list.

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