10 Reasons Why Retirees Rent

Since the recent recession, one ongoing debate has been around the question, “Is it better to rent or buy?” While the right answer is unique to each individual situation, there is one demographic where renting gives the greatest benefits. When retirees rent, there are several significant advantages. Consider that most retirees are empty nesters; chances … Continued

Don’t Ditch Apartment Living Until You’re Good n’ Ready

Has the dream of owning your own home become an obsession? Are you longing for the day you can say “bye, bye” to your landlord? Do you have visions of a turquoise living room? If you’re nodding your head in agreement right now, stop for a minute and consider. Could apartment living offer more perks … Continued

Avoiding Trouble in Landlord-Tenant Relationships

It’s no secret that generally, the landlord-tenant relationship is loaded with potential problems. This sad state of affairs affects over 110,175,847Americans, renting a total of 43,267,432 properties, which means that 35% of the population is involved in an ongoing, unsatisfactory relationship. The typical landlord-tenant relationship is fraught with problems. Differences proliferate over every aspect of … Continued

Are You Ready? Move from Renter to Homeowner

Have you been putting off the move from renter to homeowner because the whole process seemed so unaffordable? A recent report from the Federal Reserve found that 45% of renters have been delaying buying a home because they are unable to afford the down payment. With the introduction of new products to encourage the move … Continued

Apartment Trends: What Renters Want

With residential rentals representing some of today’s best property investments, savvy developers are adopting a host of relevant features for a new breed of tenants, dictating today’s apartment trends. Some of the newest apartment trends, identified by real estate professionals, are already in the spotlight. “Micro units,” efficiently designed units with a smaller footprint are … Continued

Features of the Texas Housing Market

In spite of last year’s decline in oil prices, the Texas housing market, specifically Dallas, is hot with price increases at about twice the national rate. So what’s important for property purchasers – both investors and private buyers – to know about the Texas housing market? Even though falling oil prices have caused some job … Continued

Downsizing: What’s the Deal With Living Small?

After decades of prosperity and dedicated consumerism, the great recession happened, leaving many questioning the traditional American Dream. This growing trend has countless people choosing downsizing in recent years, preferring to simplify their lives and live more mindfully. While some initially chose smaller options for financial reasons, an equally large number of folk have grown … Continued

7 Quick & Easy Lighting Fixes to Make Your Home Shine

Can your home use some help in the lighting department? Or are lighting fixes way down on your list of home improvements? It’s surprising what a difference great lighting can make. If you’re planning to sell your property in the near future, good lighting can take your home from dreary to dynamic. The very minimum … Continued

Real Estate Investing: Section 8 Tenants

If the question is, “How do I improve occupancy rates?” the answer could lie in opening your property to section 8 tenants. Sooner or later, most residential real estate investors will look at the possibility of renting their units to section 8 tenants, particularly in the larger metro areas. Leasing to section 8 tenants is … Continued

Buying Versus Renting: Which is Cheaper?

Is it more cost-effective to buy a home or better to rent? The buying versus renting debate has recently come under the spotlight once again. Every few years, the discussion resumes but the answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think. A report on Forbes.com earlier this year, stated that “Nationally, buying is 38% cheaper … Continued

6 Laws Landlords and Tenants in Texas Should Know

Every state has its own set of legal requirements and statutes that govern landlords and tenants. Both parties need to know their rights under state law before entering into an agreement. It’s in everyone’s best interests to cultivate a good relationship; after all, a tenant is looking for a secure home and the landlord is … Continued