Real Estate Investors: 5 Benefits for Agents

There are tangible benefits for real estate agents willing to work with seasoned real estate investors. Over the past few years, the relationship between real estate agents and investors has improved a lot. It’s largely thanks to the fact that investors have been a crucial part of the industry’s recovery. But there are still a … Continued

What’s New in the Dallas Housing Market

The Dallas housing market has been of particular interest to would-be sellers, buyers and investors since oil prices began their slide. How would falling oil and gas revenues impact the statewide economy? Generally, the slowing of the Texas economy has been partly due to falling oil prices but also because of the stronger U.S. dollar … Continued

Closing on Time: When Delays Happen

One of the “dirty little secrets” of the real estate industry is that the chances of a real estate transaction closing on time are slim. This little-known fact is shrouded in secrecy and is one of the reasons that real estate sales professionals are sometimes distrusted. Problems will happen. It’s real estate professionals who are … Continued

New Home Builders Weigh-in on Styles in DFW

We’ve talked about countrywide home styles before, but just what do Texas new home builders see as emerging trends, heading into summer 2016. In the Dallas-Fort Worth property market, 2015 showed the best performance in thirty years. When the end of the year rolled around, Dallas was one of the country’s top construction markets according … Continued

Setting Up a Real Estate Office for Professionals

Will you be setting up a new real estate office in the near future? There are specific parameters that every business needs; what are you looking for in your next office setup? Every company is in a unique position and real estate professionals and CEOs have a more wide-ranging selection of office solutions than ever … Continued