Take Steps to Safeguard Your Earnest Money

The money you bring to the table when you make an offer on a property, signals your intent to see the deal through. This finance will represent a good chunk of change and before you hand it over, there are steps you should take to safeguard your “earnest money.” Eventually, the money will form part … Continued

House Flipping: 5 Ways to Win Big

We all know about the record prices homes are going for. Although, on the flip side, house flipping may be highly competitive, there are still huge profits being made. People will tell you flipping is ‘a-walk-in-the-park’ easy. Don’t you believe them. Yes, for the hard working experienced flipper, there are big returns to be made, … Continued

Stop! Bad House, Bad Buy

Buyer beware is not just an expression, it’s a lesson to keep in mind, always, lest you end up with a bad buy. The property market may be hot but that doesn’t suggest you should now be reckless all of a sudden. In view of that, stick to your guns and keep to your budget. … Continued

Is Anything More Important than Location When Investing in Property

There is something far more important than location if you’re going to be investing in property and that is real estate education. If you’re planning on getting a foot on the property ladder, on the way to financial freedom as an investor, you will have heard that old chestnut, “location, location, location.” This little bit … Continued

Buying and Selling in a Sellers’ Market

We’re hearing the term “sellers’ market” a lot these days. Certainly the DFW property market is “hot” with no signs of it cooling anytime soon. As long as there are more willing and able buyers than houses to buy – also known as inventory – a buyer is going to have to work harder to … Continued

Quit Claim Deed or Warranty Deed: What’s the Difference

If you’re just embarking on a property purchase adventure, you’ll need to know about Quit Claim Deeds and Warranty Deeds. Property transactions seem to make paper like a rabbit makes bunnies and a Deed is just one of the many documents with which you’ll become familiar with and possibly the most important! One of the … Continued

Getting on the Property Ladder: 7 Tips from Property Investors

You would be surprised at the everyday people who are property investors. That nice looking grandmother who volunteers at you son’s school, the bearded young man in the checkout line at the supermarket; property investors come in all shapes and sizes. The one trait these investors all share is the belief that owning property is … Continued

Flipping Houses Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

One potential path to home ownership is the concept of flipping a home. The idea of flipping houses – buying one, putting some work into it, and then selling it for a profit – was very much a trend that never went away. If you are new to the whole idea of property ownership and … Continued

Real Estate Investors: 5 Benefits for Agents

There are tangible benefits for real estate agents willing to work with seasoned real estate investors. Over the past few years, the relationship between real estate agents and investors has improved a lot. It’s largely thanks to the fact that investors have been a crucial part of the industry’s recovery. But there are still a … Continued

What’s New in the Dallas Housing Market

The Dallas housing market has been of particular interest to would-be sellers, buyers and investors since oil prices began their slide. How would falling oil and gas revenues impact the statewide economy? Generally, the slowing of the Texas economy has been partly due to falling oil prices but also because of the stronger U.S. dollar … Continued

Closing on Time: When Delays Happen

One of the “dirty little secrets” of the real estate industry is that the chances of a real estate transaction closing on time are slim. This little-known fact is shrouded in secrecy and is one of the reasons that real estate sales professionals are sometimes distrusted. Problems will happen. It’s real estate professionals who are … Continued

Avoiding Trouble in Landlord-Tenant Relationships

It’s no secret that generally, the landlord-tenant relationship is loaded with potential problems. This sad state of affairs affects over 110,175,847Americans, renting a total of 43,267,432 properties, which means that 35% of the population is involved in an ongoing, unsatisfactory relationship. The typical landlord-tenant relationship is fraught with problems. Differences proliferate over every aspect of … Continued

Setting Up a Real Estate Office for Professionals

Will you be setting up a new real estate office in the near future? There are specific parameters that every business needs; what are you looking for in your next office setup? Every company is in a unique position and real estate professionals and CEOs have a more wide-ranging selection of office solutions than ever … Continued

Real Estate Terms: Learn to speak the Lingo

Any new venture is an education and real estate is no exception. Whether you’re a buyer, seller or new investor, real estate terms can need some explaining. Here’s a shortlist of the most common terms and acronyms used in the real estate industry. Amortization – When you pay back your mortgage, some of the money … Continued

Rental Property Investment: 6 Ways to Enjoy the Process

Are you thinking about a rental property investment? Owning rental properties can be the gateway to an income and financial freedom if you do things right from the beginning. Sure, you’ll make mistakes at first but you’ll learn from your mistakes along the way. Use these 7 tips to avoid some common problems. Expect your … Continued