Sale Pending: Is It Final or Can I Make an Offer?

Have you fallen in love with a home but think all hope is lost because it shows as sale pending? Although “sale pending” usually means all contingencies have been taken care of and the property is moving toward closing, this isn’t always the case. In order to know if a home marked as “sale pending” … Continued

Getting Multiple Offers: 7 Steps for Savvy Sellers

With the residential sales market flourishing nationwide, there’s never been a better time to sell your home. Good interest rates and the availability of easier loans are working together to get customers out and buying. You would think your home will sell quickly – with multiple offers – and for a great price. It’s not … Continued

What to Look For: Your Own Home Inspection Made Easy

These guidelines on doing your own home inspection are to help you get an idea of what you should be looking for when buying a house. Knowing what to look for, should give you confidence when viewing a prospective purchase, bearing in mind you are going to be living in and maintaining that building. Before … Continued

Stop! Bad House, Bad Buy

Buyer beware is not just an expression, it’s a lesson to keep in mind, always, lest you end up with a bad buy. The property market may be hot but that doesn’t suggest you should now be reckless all of a sudden. In view of that, stick to your guns and keep to your budget. … Continued

10 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Agent

The rise of online real estate information means everyone with an internet connection can be an informed consumer when buying or selling a home. But, even with all the data available, it’s more important than ever to choose the right agent. Surprisingly, most buyers and sellers give little or no thought to picking their agent. … Continued

What is a Home Warranty and Do You Need One?

Mention home warranties and you open a can of worms. Ask folks what they think about this type of insurance and no two people will have the same opinion. Try the internet and you’ll find a quagmire of conflicting opinion. Nonetheless, home warranties are widespread in today’s market and are a recommended tool to add … Continued

7 Home Defects That Should Set Off Alarm Bells

A coat of paint and some landscaping are easily made cosmetic changes, affordable and straightforward. Then there are the home issues you should never ignore. When viewing a home, there are countless structural and component issues you need to pay close attention to as you house hunt. Here are some of the things that should … Continued

Hoping for a Bargain? Home Defects You Can Overlook

It’s clearly obvious to anyone involved with the buying and selling of houses that the market is flourishing. If you’re hoping for a bargain home, you may have to settle for a few defects that can result in a lower price. Buyer demand for homes is exceeding supply, causing the available inventory to drop to the … Continued

What’s New in the Dallas Housing Market

The Dallas housing market has been of particular interest to would-be sellers, buyers and investors since oil prices began their slide. How would falling oil and gas revenues impact the statewide economy? Generally, the slowing of the Texas economy has been partly due to falling oil prices but also because of the stronger U.S. dollar … Continued

New Home Builders Weigh-in on Styles in DFW

We’ve talked about countrywide home styles before, but just what do Texas new home builders see as emerging trends, heading into summer 2016. In the Dallas-Fort Worth property market, 2015 showed the best performance in thirty years. When the end of the year rolled around, Dallas was one of the country’s top construction markets according … Continued

9 Tips for Negotiating Your Next Home Purchase

In every property transaction, there’s a buyer hoping to get the lowest price and a seller hoping to get the best price. Somewhere in between, is the tricky process of negotiating a deal that works for you. Where do you start and where do you stop? The ability to conduct successful negotiations starts with being … Continued

Looking at DFW Real Estate in 2016

DFW real estate saw rapid growth last year but experts are predicting an even better 2016. This despite the prolonged lower oil prices and resulting job cuts in the energy industry that could cause slower statewide real estate growth. DFW’s status as an important tech town, coupled with low unemployment and solid home value increases, … Continued

The Art Of Giving Real Estate Referrals

Have you mastered the art of giving real estate referrals? No matter what your role is, there is a constant need to give referrals in the real estate industry. There are also many benefits, if it is done well. Executed on poorly, referrals can be counterproductive. There are endless referral needs and opportunities in the … Continued

Features of the Texas Housing Market

In spite of last year’s decline in oil prices, the Texas housing market, specifically Dallas, is hot with price increases at about twice the national rate. So what’s important for property purchasers – both investors and private buyers – to know about the Texas housing market? Even though falling oil prices have caused some job … Continued

Invest To Sell: Apartment Upgrades

Are you about to put your unit on the market? Whether it’s your home or an investment, you’ll want to score the most bang-for-your-buck with apartment upgrades that deliver the best return. Conventional wisdom cites improving curb appeal as the first step to improve returns. But as an apartment owner, you aren’t likely to be … Continued