The Dirty Dozen: 12 Common Mistakes Sellers Make

It’s a seller’s market and stock is tight; with more buyers than homes for sale you’d think a seller can’t put a foot wrong? Well, you’d be mistaken. This is a roundup of mistakes sellers make, as continually witnessed by three real estate professionals who work with sellers and buyers all the time. Every day, … Continued

Don’t Ditch Apartment Living Until You’re Good n’ Ready

Has the dream of owning your own home become an obsession? Are you longing for the day you can say “bye, bye” to your landlord? Do you have visions of a turquoise living room? If you’re nodding your head in agreement right now, stop for a minute and consider. Could apartment living offer more perks … Continued

Fiscal Health Check: Your Credit Report

Do you check your credit report? The majority of American consumers don’t. Despite the importance of the credit score to their financial life, only one out of every five consumers check their numbers annually. And when they do check their reports, many are surprised by what they find! This means most people don’t know where … Continued

8 Tips to Avoid Moving Day Stress

The average American household shifts over seven thousands pounds of stuff – about 100 boxes – with each move. No wonder folks suffer moving-day stress! This shocking figure applies to a normal family home but even if you’re only moving a two-bed apartment; our tips can help limit some moving-day stress. Keep you moving company … Continued