The Mother-In-Law Apartment: When the Folks Need Family

Could a mother-in-law apartment be the answer when your home is perfect but you desperately need more space? There are many reasons why size becomes a critical factor. A widowed parent needs to be near family, you want to host out-of-town friends and family or your college grad needs a base while job hunting. Whatever … Continued

6 Steps to Take When You Can’t Make the Mortgage Payment

If you’re in the same place that some Americans find themselves, you may have trouble covering a financial disaster without borrowing or selling something to meet the emergency. But what if the crisis has already hit, leaving you reeling, and there’s little or nothing left for your mortgage payment? Many of us juggle bills to … Continued

Move or Renovate: Is Your House Too Small

Move or renovate are pretty much the only choices when faced with a much-loved home that has become too small for your needs. If ever it comes to an add-on or trade-up, it’s always the same hard call, one which means staying or leaving your familiar comfort zone. Does one stay and face builders and … Continued

Buying Less House Can Be a Good Financial Move

Buying less house is a radically different idea in this age of “bigger is better.” Although the Mac-Mansion hasn’t lost its appeal, there’s a lot to be said for going a little smaller or a little cheaper than you have to. For starters, the reality is the more money you spend on your property, the … Continued

Aging in Your Dream Home

Baby boomers are the largest seniors’ generation of all time and most of them are aging homeowners. Called the great grey tsunami, they represent enormous buying power and commercial clout. This is the demographic that should make people like sellers, buyers and real estate professionals pay attention. Are you aging? Let’s take a look at … Continued

Buying and Selling in a Sellers’ Market

We’re hearing the term “sellers’ market” a lot these days. Certainly the DFW property market is “hot” with no signs of it cooling anytime soon. As long as there are more willing and able buyers than houses to buy – also known as inventory – a buyer is going to have to work harder to … Continued

10 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Agent

The rise of online real estate information means everyone with an internet connection can be an informed consumer when buying or selling a home. But, even with all the data available, it’s more important than ever to choose the right agent. Surprisingly, most buyers and sellers give little or no thought to picking their agent. … Continued

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Common Mistakes Sellers Make

It’s a seller’s market and stock is tight; with more buyers than homes for sale you’d think a seller can’t put a foot wrong? Well, you’d be mistaken. This is a roundup of mistakes sellers make, as continually witnessed by three real estate professionals who work with sellers and buyers all the time. Every day, … Continued

4 Natural Crime Prevention Methods

Take control of your home turf using natural crime prevention methods. Capable homeowners can even do it themselves by using the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design). If you talked to a home robbery, ring leader, you’d find out a lot about what make them tick. For example, what they don’t like when … Continued

Planning a Kitchen Upgrade the Whole Family Will Love

Are you thinking about a kitchen upgrade in the near future? More and more American families are getting back to home cooking and upgrading their kitchens in the process. There are many reasons home cooking is gaining in popularity; it’s healthy, it’s cheaper, and it’s something the whole family can enjoy together. Consider the cooks … Continued

5 Things Needed Before Homeownership

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate; get ready for the roller coaster ride that’s the path to homeownership. But before you leap, think of all the pitfalls. By being sure you have every bit of necessary information, you can approach this mile-stone with confidence. Real estate is a big step for any buyer … Continued

What is a Home Warranty and Do You Need One?

Mention home warranties and you open a can of worms. Ask folks what they think about this type of insurance and no two people will have the same opinion. Try the internet and you’ll find a quagmire of conflicting opinion. Nonetheless, home warranties are widespread in today’s market and are a recommended tool to add … Continued

Selling Your Home Next Year? Plan Ahead for Success

Are you on the move next year? Major life changes are big decisions usually planned out ahead of time. If you are selling your home, you’ll want to start preparing, well before the listing day. Taking action now and mapping out a plan can lessen the stress of the process and help position you to … Continued

7 Ways You Can Create a Home Workspace or Study Station

With more Americans opting to work remotely, having a home workspace is becoming a desirable property feature. It’s been proven that having a dedicated space to work is a psychological boon that really pays off (pun intended) in the long run. If you are earning from home, another point to remember is that you may … Continued

Real Estate Investor vs Homeowner Explained

How do real estate investors deviate from homeowners? Are they really all that different? To adequately answer the questions, we first must deconstruct the labels. The seemingly obvious factor is that home ownership is an emotional process first and a business deal second. Conversely, real estate investors are business people first whose whole approach to … Continued