10 Reasons Why Retirees Rent

Since the recent recession, one ongoing debate has been around the question, “Is it better to rent or buy?” While the right answer is unique to each individual situation, there is one demographic where renting gives the greatest benefits. When retirees rent, there are several significant advantages. Consider that most retirees are empty nesters; chances … Continued

Dallas Delivers for the Young Professional Lifestyle

Dallas is a unique city for the young professional, with a distinct culture and flourishing business environment; the kind of lifestyle choice that also makes sense financially. Dallas boasts a lower cost of living, coupled with one of the best job markets in the country, and is enriched by an abundance of beautiful spaces that … Continued

Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling

Eco-friendly remodeling is a great way to start going green; your home is where water consumption and energy usage combine to make toast of your utilities budget. Picking options that reduce resource consumption will dramatically lessen the impact on both the environment and your monthly bills. Updating your home is always a good time to make … Continued

Texas and the Chinese Connection in Residential Real Estate

In real estate news, the U.S. housing recovery continues, helped along by international buyers investing billions in American residential property. While traditional players such as Canada and Mexico still factor strongly, they are being upstaged by a new surge of wealthy Chinese buyers. The US market is seen as a favorable investment for wealthy Chinese, … Continued