Buying a Home? 7 Things That Irritate Sellers

Real estate professionals report that buyers are constantly infuriating sellers and putting transactions at risk. Soon-to-be home buyers should try to remember that annoying the seller is no way to approach their target of home ownership. Try to view the whole process from the seller’s point of view and recall that old adage, “You catch more flies with honey that you do with vinegar.”

Some give-and-take is normal, but there are buyers who push the sellers’ buttons. Offenses cover the whole spectrum from ignoring requests to remove shoes when coming indoors on a rainy day to not calling long before canceling a scheduled viewing. Here’s a list of the seven sins buyers frequently commit:

  1. Missing appointments: Not showing up for a scheduled appointment or just as bad, canceling at the last minute is plain lack of manners. The seller will have spent time cleaning the home for the visit. Only a last-minute emergency is an acceptable excuse, otherwise the buyer must show up on time.
  2. Taking no notice of house rules: If you are viewing a home, keep in mind that it’s not yours yet. Remove your shoes inside when asked, children should be well-behaved, and consider the sellers’ wishes.
  3. Fault-finding: There may be things you don’t like about the home, (but it’s not a negotiable defect) don’t discuss it while viewing the property. Sellers have sometimes been known to fit cameras or microphones to surreptitiously listen in on buyer’s conversations.
  4. Producing a long list of the property’s failings: Trying to use an extensive list of supposed defects as the basis for negotiating may go wrong. The seller, being more concerned with the bottom line than the buyer’s critical observations could wonder if the buyer is seriously interested.
  5. Requesting multiple visits: As closing approaches, the seller will be busy making any repairs, packing and moving. They won’t have the time to put up with the buyer’s repeated appeals to look around and visualize the future.
  6. Trying to renegotiate after a deal’s been made: The negotiated price should be the final price unless the home inspection reveals some surprises.
  7. Trying to move up the closing date: A buyer, anxious to get settled, may want to speed up the closing date, but the seller needs time to pack up and move out.

Nowadays, it’s a seller’s market, especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex where single-family-home inventory is well below the norm. Don’t forget that the seller always has the winning card – the home – until closing is completed.

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