7 Ways You Can Create a Home Workspace or Study Station

With more Americans opting to work remotely, having a home workspace is becoming a desirable property feature. It’s been proven that having a dedicated space to work is a psychological boon that really pays off (pun intended) in the long run.

If you are earning from home, another point to remember is that you may be eligible for a tax break. But maybe your home space is fighting to keep pace with a growing family and you aren’t ready to move yet.

Don’t think you have to have a spare room or a huge master bedroom to set up a home workspace. Wonderful work-friendly spaces can be made in a spare corner, a few inches of a wall, or other areas you never thought to explore.

Here are eight ways you could carve out a space for work or study in an already full house.

  1. Letting in the light

Check out the windows in your home. Is there any way you can clear a space in the living room, dining room, or den? With a desk – or table – and chair in front of a window and a nearby corner housing a tall bookcase, office supplies and files can be neatly corralled. As a finishing touch, a potted plant (or two) will bring the space to life.

  1. Grab a wall

When you’re short on space, a bare wall can be a valuable asset. Install shelving to one side and set up a desk and chair – don’t forget a lamp. Floating shelves are easy-to-install and are a practical way of breaking up a wall to create your own home desk area.

  1. Joint effort

More than one person using the facilities? How about a collaborative work station with several small spaces or a giant community table? One wall can be easily divided into two productive spaces and one long counter would be a smart move in the absence of suitable table.

  1. Staying on track

Keep the focus. Do you spend altogether too much time logging onto Facebook or checking e-mail? This type of side-tracked behavior is enabled by a cluttered work space. You don’t need a lot for efficiency; a desk or table and comfy chair, shelves or a cabinet to contain papers and supplies will keep your work station simple and clutter-free for maximum productivity.

  1. Get cornered

Got a corner? Any corner? Even a formal living room can accommodate a work zone. Sneak in a table, chair, and a few office accessories (lamp, storage bins) and you have a spot to retreat to for work or study where you can concentrate.

  1. Kitchen confidential

Divide off space on one side of your kitchen using a screen, freestanding bookcase or narrow console table. Voila! Instant office; where you can bring in all sorts of utilitarian pieces like file cabinets, storage containers, and shelves for organizing items.

  1. Nooks and crannies

A nook is really all you need to make a spot work for you, even under the stairs could be reinvented into a working or study zone. Don’t overlook a space, even a hallway or any free territory where you can put a desk and stool.

  1. Sleeping on the job

Long gone are the days when the bedroom was only for sleeping. By adding a desk and pretty chair to the bedroom décor, you can have all the space you need along with privacy – gold in a busy household.

Whether you’re creating a homework station for young scholars or carving out an area for your work-from-home job, get inspired by these ideas and you may find there’s more space in your home that you realized.

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