7 Quick & Easy Lighting Fixes to Make Your Home Shine

Can your home use some help in the lighting department? Or are lighting fixes way down on your list of home improvements? It’s surprising what a difference great lighting can make. If you’re planning to sell your property in the near future, good lighting can take your home from dreary to dynamic.
The very minimum buyers expect when viewing a home is a clean, uncluttered, bright and welcoming vibe. If you’re a homeowner wanting your house to sell quickly for a good price, better lighting can translate directly into profit.

The good news? Great lighting fixes don’t have to break the bank. Try these seven simple cost-effective strategies to make your space glow…

1. Each room should have at least three sources of light. Overhead or pendant lighting for general light, precise lighting like a desk or table lamp, and a source of ambient – think “mood” – lighting such as sconces or candles.

2. Lighting fixes need to eliminate any dark areas such as shelves, kitchen counters or cupboards. Light up the dark corners and they’ll become more functional and attractive. How about a striking table lamp on the kitchen counter or spots for the display shelves?

3. Switch out any old incandescent light bulbs you have to CFLs or LEDs for energy efficiency. Although CFLs can emit a harsher light, CFL and LED bulbs are substantially more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Picking the right shade is key; white shades deliver more light but can be cold and harsh. Choosing a “warm white” CFL bulb gives a more reddish hue, which is a gentler tone while full spectrum versions will enhance blues and reds.

4. Enhance your lighting fixes by adding in reflective surfaces in your rooms. A polished wooden floor bounces light around a room and a carefully placed mirror will enhance any light reflected in it. Metallic finishes also echo and enrich available lighting.

5. Want to adjust your lighting to the weather or the time? Try adding a dimmer. This quick trick is a popular lighting fix, allowing you to change the mood and brightness of your lighting whenever you would like.

6. This is a bit of a no-brainer but it’s amazing how we see right past the obvious some times. How clean are your windows? Even if they don’t look noticeably grimy, the glass can be dulled by dust, weather, and pollution. Getting bright, sparkling windows is a cheap and simple lighting fix and makes a big difference.

Switching out your old bulbs for the CFL’s or LED’s consumes less power. The average US household uses around 11,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) yearly, about 917 kWh monthly.

Is saving electricity a dumb way to reduce expenses?

If you care about light quality and want to cut your utility bill, LEDs are a sensible choice. Investing in LED bulbs for your whole house could cost some bucks initially but pays off in the end. By selecting the “Warm White” color and the highest lumen rating you can find you’ll get pleasing results and reduce your electricity bill at the same time.

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