6 Tips to Create More Storage in Your Home

Lusting after one extra closet? Love your home but feel driven to move before your shoes squeeze you out? Before doing anything so drastic, check out our quick tips to create more storage space in your home.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the size of your home. Most of us long for a little “extra space.” If you’re not ready to embrace monk-like austerity or become an involuntary minimalist, these tips will add to your storage space

Make the most of what you have by using one or all of these space organization tips.

  1. Hooking up

Don’t overlook the power of the hook! In closets, on doors, on nearly every wall there are a few inches of vertical space just waiting for a hook or two.

Just think of all the things you can hang; purses, scarves, backpacks, hats, utensils, tools, keys, cups, mugs, towels and much more.

  1. Behind closed doors

If you’re longing to create more storage space, you won’t want all that area on the back of your doors going begging. Door storage can be as simple as a few hooks for coats – in the hallway – to towels – in the bathroom. Inside the closets or kitchen cabinets, you can install pockets or hooks for scarves, accessories, toiletries, sponges, cleaning products, and so on.

Try filing trays as storage, screwing them into the back of a closet door for hats and gloves. Objects suitable for hanging storage can range from fashion accessories to hair dryers, even office supplies.

  1. Upwardly mobile

Vertical spaces are prime real estate! For every room in your home, think vertical. Bookcases and shelving can be a stylish answer to your space-gaining dreams. Floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves and cabinets can provide plenty of areas to create more storage space.

Do you have rarely used items needing a home? Stash them in decorative baskets or boxes and put these on the top shelves. Anything that can go in a bin or basket can be stored this way. In the kitchen, mount a second bank of cabinets above existing cabinets, or use the space to put larger, seldom-used items.

  1. Free wheeling

Some homes come with unique storage spaces, like closets hiding away underneath a set of stairs. Try using a wheeled moving dolly or storage bins with castors to allow you to store items and retrieve them with ease. Rolling bins for under-bed storage can hold linens, blankets, out-of-season clothing and extra towels – hide them behind the dust ruffle or skirt

  1. Double-duty furniture

Make your furniture work extra hard for the space it uses. Anything that can be folded up and stored away or hung on a hook saves space. Think murphy beds, directors chairs; a simple drop-leaf table can open up to full dining for six or eight. The only limitations here will be your imagination and budget

  1. Get Radical, go simple

If you’re still struggling under the weight (physically and mentally) of your “stuff” you can create more space by simplifying your life.

Basically, clear the clutter by going through your possessions room by room and getting rid of anything you have two of such as utensils and gadgets. Anything broken or un-used is next. Donate magazines, books, extra coats, sports equipment, and items you no longer love.

When you’ve gone through your home and purged the “junk” you could suddenly find that you can create more storage before you add one extra hook.

Eliminating the lesser items in your home may just give you the extra time and space to review and organize the things you love. It could be that those small spaces may not be so small after all.

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