Making a Move: 3 Random Tips to Simplify the Process

Often when facing stressful life events like moving to a new home, it’s the little things that make the difference. We’ve all had an “I wish I’d known that before…” moment after dealing with a life-altering situation. Here are three random tips to simplify the process when you find yourself facing a new home and a new neighborhood.

  1. Keep some cash for your move

The down payment and closing costs will eat into your cash but there are going to be other expenses when you move. Making a plan to save some extra dollars for those costs will mean you don’t have to use your credit cards.

By setting some money aside in the months preceding your move, you’ll have the cash for those unavoidable expenses that pop up on moving day. Just buying in pizza for your crew of moving helpers will cost a chunk of change.

There’ll be things you need; items get damaged, tools can break. If you were renting before your move, there will be things your landlord provided like lawn care. You may need to buy a mower for example. Appliances can fail at the worst possible times. Moving is stressful; simplify the process by having a cash cushion. It’s a major stress buster.

  1. Take the time to know your new neighbors

Don’t be a stranger. Getting to know your immediate neighbors is a powerful tip for any new homeowner. Take the time to stop by when you see them outside in the yard. Don’t just limit this to the houses on either side of yours but the other homes in your block also.

Foster a sense of community by having your new neighbors over for a BBQ or potluck as soon as you’re settled in. Create an amicable relationship wherever you can.

Good neighbors are like gold. They watch out for each other – in a non-nosy way. These are the people who can pinch hit for you in an emergency. They can be there for deliveries when you can’t. They can keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

To keep good neighbors, you’ll have to be a good neighbor yourself. Many lifelong friendships have started over the backyard wall. Don’t lose out because you are too busy to make the effort.

  1. Catch clutter before it starts

Once the first few weeks in your new home are over and you’ve settled in; after you’ve moved the furniture around for the third or fourth time and bought some “necessities” for your space, try this tactic.

Your home is probably looking pretty nice – still new and neat. This is the time to take steps to keep it that way. The problem is homes, even new ones, quickly fill up with the detritus of living.

When you have filled the available storage spaces, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to move or rearrange things. When that happens, you’ll be spending a lot of your free time maintaining all your stuff. Before your beautiful new place is reduced to a cluttered jumble, try to adopt a “one in, one out” approach.

It sounds radical but to simplify the process start early in the game. If you buy a new coffee table, sell or give away the old one – don’t stack it in the garage. Same goes for the little things – nobody needs multiple coffee makers or eleven spatulas.

Apart from keeping your new home clutter-free, you’ll save money. The items you buy will usually be of better quality because you will be upgrading with quality in mind not just spending on quantity

Moving into a new home is a wonderful experience.

Stressful? Sure, but in a good way.

When you simplify the process, you can enjoy the payoffs into the future.

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