Frugally Furnishing a New Home for The First Time

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of new homeowners. You saved and waited for your new home until your apartment was living proof that you’d outgrown your surroundings. Now the big question is how to frugally furnish your new nest without breaking the bank.

What’s often surprising is that when the movers leave, the spaces feel so empty? Generally, your new home will be considerably bigger than your old apartment. The rooms will swallow you existing furniture and cry out for more.

The thought of filling all the empty spaces with new furnishings is very appealing but this is the time to resist the urge to max out the credit cards. There are some very good reasons to practice the same fiscal discipline now as you used to get to this point.

Now that you have your own home, you’ll be tempted to fill it up quickly. Make a resolution to live with as little as you can, if only for a short while. Embrace the minimal while you can and enjoy the peace. Before you know it, your home will have collected plenty of stuff.

Sure, the rooms sound hollow and bare but if you fill them slowly and with purpose, you can upgrade as and when circumstances allow.

Don’t rush the process

This is the time to fall in love with your new home, not stress out over unplanned expenses. By frugally furnishing slowly and paying cash, you eliminate the added expense of credit card interest. Taking the slowly, slowly approach won’t put your emergency fund or other savings at risk.

Your style will probably change several times while you get settled. As you learn what you do and don’t like, don’t spend a lot on investment pieces. Rather buy your big pieces of furniture secondhand to eradicate that “empty” feeling as cheaply as possible.

Don’t be pressured into buying a bunch of unplanned furniture just to fill up space. Searching out good deals at antique and used furniture stores can yield a lot of beautiful, unique furniture. Train your eye to see the potential in unusual places.

Family and friends will no doubt want to gift you some of their old stuff. Before you reject an offering outright, think about some low-cost modifications you might make to it. Paint or new covers may be all you need to turn some tired old piece into a showstopper.

Small fixes that work

While your home is relatively empty, paint can be your new best friend. Painting a wall can add interest to an otherwise sparsely furnished room and unmatched furniture can be unified with paint.

One solution that will quickly eliminate that hollow feeling in your new home could be adding rugs. These perfectly adaptable pieces add personality, texture and warmth to a space. Rugs are relatively inexpensive items that can cover your hard flooring and absorb those echoes in a sparsely furnished room.

Enjoy the process of furnishing your home in your own unique personal style. Approach the process as a treasure hunt and you’ll be amazed how easily it all comes together.

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