Use the PSP Strategy to Sell Your Home

Do you want to sell your home this summer? Fast, and for the best possible price? Focus on the proven PSP strategy of home selling. Effective Pricing, attractive Staging and dynamic Promoting, P.S.P!

With the US property market ticking along nicely, demand for homes and house values continue to climb in most cities. Although the red-hot property market in some locales is cooling slightly, this year is still a good time to sell. And with the PSP approach, you’ll be using the time-honored tactics that have helped sell millions of homes across the US.

Pricing you home effectively

One of the most important steps in the selling process is pricing your home realistically. To entice the serious buyers and produce offers, you must look to current market conditions in your area to set a reasonable asking price. There are several ways you can tackle this step in the PSP strategy.

Before calling in professional help, start doing some advanced research yourself. Check out the homes in your area that have recently sold and you’ll quickly get an idea what buyers are willing to pay for a home similar to yours. In the business, studying these figures is what agents refer to as comps or comparable sales.

This is the market research that will form the basis for determining your asking price. The real estate professionals who cover your area can help you define the market conditions. Is it a “buyers’ market” – more homes than buyers or a “sellers’ market” more buyers than homes? Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to set a realistic asking price, in the same range as similar homes that have sold recently.

Before you try to sell your home this summer, spend some time learning your local real estate market. Fix your asking price by learning what others are prepared to pay for comparable homes in your area.

Staging your home to attract buyers

Home staging is the term that refers to presenting you home in the best possible light. By presenting your property in this way, your home will appeal to the majority of buyers.

This is where you make modifications or improvements to your house so that it has the greatest appeal to the most people. Home staging can be as basic as a deep clean and de-clutter. But it can also incorporate such things as painting, landscaping, adding or removing furniture, upgrading fixtures or even remodeling problem spaces.

Every similar property for sale in your area is your competition. By spending the time and effort – and a little bit of money – your home will outperform the competition. Staging is important step in the PSP strategy in any kind of real estate market, but especially important in markets where home-sales activity is brisk. Outshine the competition and have your well-staged home sell faster, for more money than the house down the street that hasn’t been staged.

  1. Promoting your home to draw in the buyers

Let’s get this straight. Promoting your home is just good old fashioned marketing! And if you want to attract buyers using the PSP strategy of home selling, you must promote your house successfully.

Let’s start with the most basic and that is, get your listing online. Major listing websites – such as – are a good place to start, although, if you’re using an agent, they’ll be able to guide you.

Tell all your friends and colleagues, you’re listing your home. Word-of-mouth marketing is a very effective tactic. And don’t forget your social media channels as well.

If you hire a real estate agent who is experienced with home sales, they can help you market the house through websites, as I mentioned above. Agents also have professional networks and other marketing channels.

Wondering where to start with you home sale? The PSP strategy has worked for countless happy sellers over the years.

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