New Dream Home… Are You Sure?

Here you are savoring the moment you open the front door of your new dream home. You pause for a second, enjoying the peace and quiet of the new neighborhood when the spell is shattered by an amplifier’s electronic scream. Two houses up, the neighbor’s sons are setting up for band practice, something they do for a few hours, four nights a week! And you didn’t know?

That’s just a made up example, but every day, folks move into their new dream home only to find there’s some annoying problem they didn’t know about. Loud music is usually covered by local bylaws, as are noisy pets but what about the guy across the street with his ride-on-mower at six sharp every Saturday morning?

Then there’s the tap water – sure, you can filter your drinking water – but what if it smells really bad, especially out of the hot water faucet when you’re trying to have a refreshing shower!

Factors that could impact on that dream home

There are many external factors that can impact on your new dream home. By viewing a property on show, you are seeing a product that has been carefully prepped for you.

A key giveaway could be the length of time the property has been on the market. The longer a home stays on the market before selling, the more carefully you should check it out. It could be a wonderful bargain but there could also be something to hide.

Don’t be tempted by a good looking home and a reduced asking price! This heady combo could have you signing a purchase offer before you do your homework.

What’s the neighborhood like during the day? Are people home or is every house locked up tightly? Could kids play safely in the yards? Do all your neighbors’ homes have burglar bars, and security company signs everywhere? Are burglaries a common occurrence?

Go with the flow

Check out the neighborhood traffic. Drive around the neighbourhood at different times of the week, at different times of the day – what is the traffic like in the morning? When you come home from work? Check out your commute, are you driving with or against rush hour traffic to get to work?

Is public transport easily accessible from this dream home for you or any members of your family that use it? How far away are you from the shops and amenities you most often use? Driving across town on a pleasant day is no hassle – with ten inches of snow, it can become a nightmare!

How noisy/busy is the neighborhood generally? Only you’ll know the level of hustle and bustle that suits your situation? Check out the neighborhood at different times on the weekend – the ultimate gauge of noise levels you’re likely to experience when living in your new dream home.

That old chestnut, “good fences make good neighbors” may be true – the same could be said for good noise limits. By acquainting yourself with the locale, you’ll be less likely to have any “nasty” surprises when you move into your new dream home!

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